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The mission of the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder is to provide timely and insightful news that brings about greater awareness, understanding and empowerment for our readers and the communities we serve. If your business or organization is seeking ways to increase your market share and build your brand in this niche market, partnering with the MSR is your solution provider. In addition to printing Minnesota’s oldest and most respected African American community newspaper, the MSR has a host of different ways to reach the community with impact. For your convenience, read on to learn more about what the MSR offers each and every year — or feel free to contact us.

Thank you for considering the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder (MSR) for your advertising and marketing needs. We look forward to serving you!


Tracey Williams-Dillard, MSR Publisher-CEO


MSR Special Sections & Events:

Sister Spokesman

I would like to introduce you to Sister Spokesman, part of the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder’s community outreach initiatives. Our mission is to provide women of color in the Twin Cities with a comprehensive and unique networking outlet, as well as exposure to local area businesses that provide products to and services for women. We invite you to invest and participate in the activities and programs that Sister Spokesman members host to accomplish our mission. Every month, more than 100 women converge at a local “hot spot” to spend the afternoon celebrating our contributions to the Twin Cities, welcoming newcomers, and learning more about the companies, organizations and topics that enhance our lives. Sister Spokesman events always feature an informational session on topics that impact today’s woman, including financial management, self-improvement, fashion and beauty tips, professional development, health and wellness, and community involvement.

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Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday & Black History Month

The Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder newspaper annually honors Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday & Black History Month!

Year after year, African Americans look forward to these celebratory pages. In addition, parents and schools use these sections to educate themselves, their families and employees on why it’s important to recognize the contributions that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and all African Americans have made to society. By showing your pride and gratitude to the community, your business will profit. Click here to reserve your ad space today!        


Women’s Month

This year the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, Minnesota Black Pages, and the LTL International Leadership Institute hosted the first annual Launa Q. Newman Community Services Awards. The luncheon at the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis was in recognition of Women’s History Month. The theme for this event, “Lifting as We Climb,” honored women who have shown exceptional commitment to their community through both their careers and volunteer activities. In today’s environment, overcoming the obstacles facing women and girls, particularly those of color, can be difficult to navigate. This is especially important when you consider the disparities impacting African American women in Minneapolis. Young women in our community need inspiration, encouragement, support and role models. It is through this celebration that the MSR, our partners and sponsors can publicly acknowledge women who are working to help empower others to success and close the gap. If you would like to be a part of this prestigious event click here to learn more about sponsorship opportunities. Click here for table/ticket information.


Education and Graduation: It’s a Family Affair

Every year, the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder (MSR) will host its Annual High School Graduation Celebration with the theme, “Education and Graduation: It’s a Family Affair,”  in honor of the Twin Cities’ African and African American high school graduates. On behalf of our community’s graduates, we are asking you to join us in supporting this event. Like your company, the MSR values education as an essential component to being successful in life. In today’s environment, the obstacles and challenges facing young people, particularly students of color, can be as difficult as navigating a minefield. It is through this celebration that the MSR, along with its sponsors, can publicly acknowledge African and African American high school graduates for their achievements. As an event sponsor, your company’s financial support will help to ensure that this event is successful. More importantly, your support helps to give young adults the recognition and the encouragement that is so necessary for their continued success. This is especially important when you consider that more than one out of three African American students in Minnesota drop out of high school, according the Minnesota Department of Children, Families & Learning. Click here to learn more.


Juneteenth 2013

In 1986, the local Juneteenth Celebration was founded as a way to support the wellness and betterment of the African American communities in the Twin Cities and the Midwest. The MSR has partnered with Juneteenth as its media partner and official newspaper! This year, your organization can be part of the largest annual African American celebration by sponsoring the largest African American event in the Twin Cities and/or advertising for our special Juneteenth edition. Click here for sponsorship info. Click here for advertising info.


MSR Health

The Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder (MSR) believes it has a responsibility — and has chosen as a business mission — to work on improving the health of our community. We have adopted the strategy that entrenched problems originate from lack of healthcare access, good nutritional habits, and information that leads to improved health. The MSR publishes a bi-weekly health section addressing these issues and more. We invite you to support and empower our readers through health education. Click here for advertising info.

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