The Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder celebrates publishing and serving the community since 1934!

The Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder is the oldest minority owned business in the state of Minnesota. Established in August 1934 by Cecil E. Newman, the Spokesman-Recorder today remains a family-run newspaper company that is African American and woman-owned, led by CEO/Publisher, Tracey Williams-Dillard, granddaughter to Mr. Newman. The Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder is a newspaper committed to meeting the news and information needs of African Americans. The Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder is a strong institution with deep roots in the Minneapolis and St. Paul communities and has played a major role in events such as:

* Juneteenth
* Rondo Days
* Minneapolis Urban League Family Day

• The MSR hits the newsstands every Wednesday and mailboxes every Thursday
• The MSR has an estimated 40,000 readers.
• The MSR is a cultural and respectful link between African-Americans and their community.


Amalgamated Publishers, Inc.
Metropolitan Economic Development Association
Minnesota Minority Media Coalition
Minnesota Newspaper Association
National Newspapers Publishers Association


MSR Staff

Tracey Williams-Dillard – CEO/Publisher

Jerry Freeman – Senior Editor

Vicki Evans-Nash – Chief Managing Editor

Christopher Harrison – Desktop Publisher

Staff Writers
Charles Hallman, Larry Fitzgerald, and Mitch McDonald


Raymond Boyd- Advertising Account Executive