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State of Minnesota                

District Court

County of Hennepin            

Fourth Judicial Court

Case Type: Dissolution 

with Real Estate with Children


Case No: 27FA 14 1398




In the marriage of:

Victoria Siede Sikeley, Petitioner


Nathaniel Boyd Sikeley, Respondent


The State of Minnesota to the above-named Respondent:

Warning: Your spouse (husband or wife) has filed a lawsuit against you for dissolution of your marriage. A copy of the paperwork regarding the lawsuit is served on you with this summons. This summons is an official document from the court that affects your rights. Read this summons carefully. If you do not understand it, contact an attorney for legal advice.


1. The Petitioner, (your spouse) has filed a lawsuit against you asking for dissolution of your marriage (divorce). A copy of the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is attached to this Summons. 


2. You must serve upon Petitioner and file with the Court a written Answer to the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, and you must pay the required filing fee. Answer forms are available from the Family Law Facilitator Program, Family Court Self Help Center located in the Family Justice Center, 110 South Fourth Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401. You must serve your Answer upon Petitioner within thirty (30) days of the date you were served with this Summons, not counting the day of service. If you do not serve and file your Answer and Financial Affidavit, the Court may give your spouse everything he or she is asking for in the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. 


3. This proceeding involves, affects, or brings into question the real property located at the following address: 7823 Elm Grove Ct., New Hope, in Hennepin County, State of MN, with the following legal description: Lot 36, Blk 2, of Winnetka Green CIC No 1349.


Notice of Temporary Restraining Provisions:

Under Minnesota law, service of this summons makes the following requirements apply to both parties to the action, unless they are modified by the Court or the proceeding is dismissed: (1) Neither party may dispose of any assets except (A) for the necessities of life or for the necessary generation of income or preservation of assets, (B) by an agreement of the parties in writing, or (C) for retaining counsel to carry on or to contest this proceeding. (2) Neither party may harass the other party. (3) All currently available insurance coverage must be maintained and continued without change in coverage or beneficiary designation. (4) Parties to a marriage dissolution proceeding are encouraged to attempt alternative dispute resolution pursuant to Minnesota law. Alternative dispute resolution includes mediation, arbitration and other processes as set forth in the district court rules. You may contact the Court Administrator about resources in your area. If you cannot pay for mediation or alternative dispute resolution, in some counties, assistance may be available to you through a nonprofit provider of a court program. If you are a victim of domestic abuse or threats as defined in Minnesota statutes, Chapter 518B, you are not required to try mediation and you will not be penalized by the Court in later proceedings.


If you violate any of these provisions, you will be subject to sanctions by the Court.


Notice of Parent Education Program Requirements

Under Minnesota Statutes, Section 518.157, in a contested proceeding involving custody or parenting time of a minor child, the parties must begin participation in a parent education program that meets minimum standards promulgated by the Minnesota Supreme Court within 30 days after the first filing with the court.  In some districts, parenting education may be required in all custody or parenting proceedings.  You may contact the District Court Administrator for additional information regarding this requirement and the availability of parent education programs.


Date: 3/06/2014

Signed: Victoria Siede Sikeley

7823 Elm Grove Court, New Hope, MN 55428


Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder  April 10, 17, 24,  2014


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